Vision for Success.

Setting high expectations and planning to exceed them.


Before a single nail is hammered, we meet with the owner, architect, and design team to discuss the project vision and budget. Our pre-construction services include:

  • Estimating and budgeting
  • Trade partner selection
  • Pre-construction scheduling
  • Value engineering
  • Material/supplier selection


On-the-Mark Estimates

Establishing an accurate project estimate starts with research. We explore several options and provide detailed assessments of each one prior to preparing a formal bid request. This meticulous approach empowers clients to select the most effective use of funds before finalizing the budget and scheduling parameters.

Effective Cost Management

Our team ensures your project has a clearly defined budget based on thorough research and planning. We control costs by working with designers in the preparation of construction documents to ensure compliance to scope, cost, schedule, and goals.

Collaborative Approach

Every person involved in the project is presented with detailed objectives and expectations as they relate to his or her role. And with the use of computerized scheduling, we can guarantee collaborative communication, efficient planning, rescheduling, and quick solutions to potential labor or delivery issues.

Meeting Milestones

We coordinate resources to reach all schedule milestones. Our teams present reasonable, accurate, and properly planned construction schedules, and we communicate with our teams and the client to ensure all deadlines are met.