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Abstract is committed to leading the industry with our efficient software and communication systems that facilitate day-to-day operations, scheduling, and monitoring. Our comprehensive services include weekly cost monitoring, proactive supervision, and payment control throughout the entire construction process.


Abstract prioritizes constant and transparent communication with project owners, architects, and subcontractors in real time. Our dedicated team ensures that designers, owners, and other team members can always rely on reliable documentation tools to easily reach us. Trust us to keep you informed and maintain transparency throughout your project journey.

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Abstract prioritizes safety and security above all else. As a high-hazard industry, we diligently implement rigorous measures to ensure a healthy, safe, and productive workplace. Our expert safety team meticulously selects and maintains jobsites, focusing on pre-task planning, comprehensive training, meticulous record keeping, and constant communication. These practices are integral in reinforcing our commitment to fostering safe and productive projects.